Terms of Service

General Guidelines

When commissioning me, please provide clear visual reference of the character. Other references you can provide are : pose/expression references, images of specific outfits/accessories, preferred color palettes, and any other reference you think is relevant.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission request for any reason, which I am not obligated to disclose. You will not be charged in such a case.

Commissioned artwork is for personal use only, unless previously agreed on (in which case the price will be 1.5X higher to include commercial rights). My artwork is NEVER, under ANY circumstances, to be minted as NFT.


Payment is made right after the sketch is approved by the client, except in the case of sketch commissions, in which case I will require the payment to be made upfront.

Prices are in Euro, and payments will be processed by Wise, Stripe, or PayPal (at the client’s convenience).

I do not offer refunds once I’ve started working on the commission, so please use your money responsibly.

Artwork delivery

As a rule of thumb, expect your request to be finished about 14 days after the payment is made, but can take longer depending on the complexity of the piece or the number of characters. I will contact you if I end up needing more time to finish, for any reason.

I will be sending previews of the artwork as I work on it, so that you can request changes if needed. Note that only small changes can be made once the lineart is finished, so be sure to communicate what you want clearly.

The final piece will always be delivered by email to the address you first contacted me with for organizational purposes. For this reason, make sure to use an address you can easily access, and never use a throwaway one.

Artwork usage

Commissioned artwork will be added to my portfolio and might be used as commission examples. I will, however, always ask first, so be sure to tell me if you’d prefer to keep your piece to yourself.

Erotic pieces will not be added to my public portfolio, but will be posted (with the client’s permission), on some of my social media (such as Pixiv and my “secret” NSFW Twitter account).