amki's treasure trove

Heya I'm amki and this site will be my own personal wiki for my OCs and worldbuilding among other projects eventually.

Yes this website does not have CSS as of yet. That's normal. I'll get to it eventually.

Last update:

19/06/2024 : (Corrupted World) changed Clans of Greed and Lust colors from indigo and blue to teal and blue respectively. Changed (hopefully) all instances of "Corrupted Land" to "Corrupted World".

05/06/2024 : lots of bug fixes, basic CSS, basic navigation and character sorting. Added Alco and Yed.

26/04/2024 : finished Sec, added Ced. Rewrote & fixed most wiki text.

22/04/2024 : added Sec (partially).

18/04/2024 : re-added PillowFort link. Added Aelina (partially).

09/02/2024 : update notes are a thing now...or they will be once I've added more stuff and feel it'll be relevant to start writing those.