Amki Takk

2D illustration & character design

With a passion for video games & fantasy, I love bringing ideas to life through both my pencil and my keyboard. To see more of my work, check out the gallery page as well as my various social media below.

Drawing of Amki

Who am I?

I am a digital artist with a fondness for fantasy and urban fantasy stories, those being my main inspiration for my own characters and stories. Though my passion is drawing, I've discovered myself a certain, unexpected love for web developpment.

What do I do?

Presently, I am studying Web Design at Haute École Albert Jacquard in Belgium. I also do drawing commissions on the side and maintain this website.

How to contact me?

I am most active on my main Twitter account, which you can find at @AmkiTakk, but you can also contact me on Discord (amki#1631), as well as find me on various other websites listed here.

For business and job offers, I would prefer if you contacted me by email:

Email me