Universe C

Had you made a different decision, had you been born in a different place, in a different time, how different would have things been?

Possibilities are endless, and for each one, a world exists.

This is a story of crossing fates.

(“Universe C” is a collection of stories created after 2020. The stories take place in similar times and places, but are much more distinct to each other than Universe A. The characters might meet each other or not, but their stories don’t influence each other like in Universe B. They typically take place in two worlds : a modern one like ours, and a magical one.)


In a strange turn of events, a red-eyed amnesiac meets a hot-tempered woman and becomes her sword.

This is a story of cursed souls and ancient pacts.

Mist Walkers

In order to study a strange fog that is visible only to some, a secret organization was created. Trained by his father, a young man joins their ranks to discover the secrets behind the seemingly alive “mist” that makes monsters and erases humans.

”But be careful when walking through the mist,” it is said, “for, if you wander off-course just once, you will be lost forever.”


In a world of sand and domes, a young man is born with the rare ability to heal wounds.

In a world of cement and skyscrapers, a young woman is born with the rare ability to sense the future.

By a strange twist of fates, those two souls are removed from their homes and sent to each other’s worlds, left to fend for themselves.

Triple Six