Runaway Demon


Name: Alco

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Pronouns: he / him

Species: Demon

Height: 160cm

Origin: Pandemonium

Location : Plains

Affiliation: Magic Institute of Laggion

A cowardly demon who fled the demon world in search of power.


Alco has a naturally anxious disposition, but tries his best to seem intimidating to mortals…with varying levels of success. He is terrified of stronger demons, and generally distrustful of those on his level or weaker.


Alco is your run-of-the-mill underling demon, in other words : weak. Most of his life was spent serving more powerful demons in the demon world until the Great Corruption happened on Earth, and he took advantage of the confusion in both worlds to flee to Earth.

However, due to his weak powers, he wasn’t able to fully manifest and had to make do with the smaller, more inconspicuous appearance of a tattered bunny plushie. It was by pure chance that he was able to get demon hunter Yed’s attention and attach himself to his soul through the plushie, possessing him with little resistance.

In order to secure his hold onto Yed’s mind, he then started to “haunt” his dreams in order to corrupt him, a specialty of his, but was quite bamboozled by Yed’s enthusiastic reaction. Never one to let an opportunity to waste, Alco decided he might as well start feeding off of Yed’s lust to make himself stronger.

He serves the Lord of Red Thunder, Xadentina, in the Magic Institute of Laggion, in order to benefit from her protection against other demons.


Alco's full art (with Yed).




To Alco, Yed was initially a convenient, if unplanned, possession. Now, he’s a companion he can’t seem to shake off. Meanwhile, Yed isn’t particularly bothered by Alco’s possession, finding it liberating. In a somewhat twisted way, he is thankful to Alco for freeing him from his clan.

Alco visits Yed every night in his dreams, intent on corrupting his mind further. However this plan has backfired, as Yed instead developed a lustful obsession for Alco, which he expresses by teasing him when they meet in the dreamscape.


Master & subordinate

Alco serves Xadentina in exchange for her protection against other demons, and is regularly summoned to help her run errands. Because he is terrified of her, Alco does his job exceptionally well and fast, to Xadentina’s delight. She seems oblivious to the terror she instills in him simply by being in his presence.



Alco regularly encounters Cedesine whenever he and Yed walk through the plains. He finds her off-putting and doesn’t trust her friendly demeanor, but still appreciates her help in avoiding hunters. Meanwhile, Ced thinks it’s cute how flustered Alco gets with a bit of teasing, so she does it as much as possible.