Guardian of the Plains


Name: Cedesine

Age: ???

Gender: Gender

Pronouns: she / her

Species: Demon

Height: 178cm

Origin: Pandemonium

Location : Plains

Affiliation: Demon King

A peppy demon who helps wanderers lost in the plains.


Cedesine (Ced for short) is upbeat and friendly. She is generally peaceful and only becomes hostile when directly threatened. She has quite the crude sense of humor with her friends and is no stranger to salacious jokes, but she tries not to cross people’s boundaries if she can help it. Ced is known for helping people who are lost or in danger in the plains, much to her coworker’s dismay.


Ced made it her mission as the self-proclaimed “Guardian of the Plains” to help wanderers survive and escape the plains by protecting them from monsters and giving out directions and intel. Although technically under the Demon King’s employ, she is a bit of a neutral party, helping mortals, demons, and intelligent monsters alike. The only exceptions to her generosity are demon hunters, whom she avoids like the plague, keeping track of their movements but otherwise refusing to show herself in front of them, likely for her own safety.

Along with multiple other demons loyal to the current Demon King, she has been tasked with keeping mortals away from the giant crater in the plains.


Ced's full art.




Sec and Ced respect each other’s fighting prowess and dedication to their duty, and are known to regularly work together in the plains. However, Sec feels annoyed by Ced’s excessive friendliness towards mortals. Likewise, Ced respects Sec’s dedication to keeping people away from the Crater but admonishes her excessively violent nature towards mortals.