Climea Silvermann

Misguided Hunter


Name: Climea Silvermann

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pronouns: she / her

Species: Pseudo-human

Height: 152cm

Origin: Silvermann Estate

Location : Quallan

Affiliation: Silvermann Clan (defected), Independent

A former demon hunter who lost faith in her clan’s cause.


Climea is serious, duty-oriented, and loyal to her loved ones. Although the Silvermann clan indoctrinates its hunters to always prioritize the mission, she eventually became disillusioned with it after realizing that one of her father figures was a demon.


Born to the demon hunter clan Silvermann, Climea was initially sent away from the estate and to Quallan undercover. Her mission was to find out if the rumors concerning a demon living there were true or not and, if yes, to exorcise said demon. As this was her first solo mission unsupervised, she was overwhelmed and got lost in the big city, but she was quickly taken under the wing of Nys, a Drake with a passion for photography. He showed her the city, introduced her to people (including his partner Korall), and quickly became a mentor and father figure to her.

However, a certain incident caused her identity as a demon hunter to be revealed, and Nys’ as a demon. In a panic, she attacked him, causing him to lose control of his powers and attack her. Korall was able to intervene before they could cause too much destruction, but their relationship was soured by that incident, and Climea started isolating herself.

That incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and made her decide to betray the hunters, going so far as to destroy her demon-hunting sword.


Climea's full art.




Korall and Climea were once like a father and daughter, but their relationship fell apart after the incident involving her and Nys, tainted by overwhelming guilt on both sides.



Nys and Climea were once like a father and daughter, Nys having taken her under his wing when he found her, lost and alone. However, their relationship fell apart after the incident. Nys has forgiven her, and hopes she can forgive herself with time.



Climea is Yed’s younger sister and was also a demon hunter before they both defected. Silvermann clan members aren’t typically close to each other, despite being almost always blood-related, but Yed does hold some sort of brotherly affection and concern for her, while she admires him.

Because Yed is constantly on the run and Climea is also avoiding hunters, neither know of the other’s defection.