Artificial Demon


Name: Nys

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Pronouns: he / him

Species: Demon

Height: 168cm

Origin: Earth

Location : Quallan

Affiliation: Independent

A peppy artificial demon who loves photography. Also he’s essentially a nuclear bomb. Yay!


Nys is upbeat and surprisingly thoughtful; his empathetic nature endears him to many people. He has a passion for photography, with his favorite subjects being the sea and his partner, Korall.


Nys originated in a laboratory, created from the DNA of various demons with the intent of being a weapon, a sort of “bomb” that was supposed to infiltrate demonkind and take them out from the inside. However, the experiment backfired, resulting in him going on a rampage and causing destruction, including the deaths of most of the scientists involved.

Considered too dangerous and uncontrollable, his powers were sealed, and he was quarantined underneath the main lab along with other unruly subjects. In his sealed state, he was catatonic, which was for the better for the other quarantined subjects, or he would have surely slaughtered them all in his berserk rage.

But even though he was inert, Nys was greatly influenced by his surroundings. Their powers fed his own. Their rage became his. Until, eventually, it all boiled over. The quarantine zone, dubbed the “Last Level of Hell” by those imprisoned, exploded in a violent cocktail of rage and corrupted magic, destroying the main lab and unleashing chaos upon Earth. In its place, only a massive crater now remains.

Emerging from the crater as no more than a feral beast, Nys wreaked havoc until he was discovered by a group of demons who’d come to Earth to inspect the damage. For everyone’s safety, including Nys’s own, one demon named Sec knocked him out and cared for him until he awoke centuries later, without memories.

She named him Nys, and, once she deemed him stable enough, sent him to Quallan with the instruction to claim to be a Drake in order to avoid being targeted by demon hunters. However, his true identity was quickly discovered by Korall, a dragon residing nearby, who surprisingly kept his secret and even helped cover for him. Together with a lost young girl named Climea, they formed a makeshift family.

When Nys’s demonic nature was exposed alongside Climea’s role as a demon hunter, he went berserk. Korall’s intervention prevented a tragedy, but their little family broke apart.


Nys' full art.




At first, Nys panicked when he realized Korall was a true dragon and easily saw through his pretense, but was surprised to find an ally in him instead, as Korall understood he was only pretending to protect himself. Their mutual friendship and trust eventually developed into a romantic relationship.

Since the incident, however, Korall feels guilty and has distanced himself from most of his relationships, including Nys.



Nys and Climea were once like a father and daughter, Nys having taken her under his wing when he found her, lost and alone. However, their relationship fell apart after the incident. Nys has forgiven her, and hopes she can forgive herself with time.