Name: Sec

Age: ???

Gender: None

Pronouns: she / they

Species: Demon

Height: 185cm

Origin: Pandemonium

Location : Plains

Affiliation: Demon King

A ruthless demon loyal to the Demon King.


Sec is quite the enigma, preferring to keep all details of her personal life private, even to her closest associates. She is duty-oriented and will not hesitate to resort to violence to accomplish her duty. She also tends to be quite hostile towards most humans and humanoids.


Sec served the previous Demon King for centuries, and swore allegiance to the one who eventually dethroned her, satisfied with his attitude and abilities.

When the Great Corruption happened, she was sent, along with many others, down to Earth to scope out the damage and find out what happened. There, she and her group came upon a freshly-made crater full of corrupted magic, the likely source of the global corruption of the planet. They also found rampaging magical creatures and did their best to wrangle them before they could do any more damage, with or without violence, depending on their cooperation.

Now, she wanders the plains and does everything in her power to keep mortals away from the crater, sometimes using excessive violence to do so.


Sec's full art.




Sec and Ced respect each other’s fighting prowess and dedication to their duty, and are known to regularly work together in the plains. However, Sec feels annoyed by Ced’s excessive friendliness towards mortals. Likewise, Ced respects Sec’s dedication to keeping people away from the Crater but admonishes her excessively violent nature towards mortals.