Yed Silvermann

Fallen Hunter


Name: Yed Silvermann

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Pronouns: he / him

Species: Pseudo-human

Height: 152cm

Origin: Silvermann Estate

Location : Plains

Affiliation: Silvermann Clan (defected), Independent

A former demon hunter who let himself be possessed by a demon.


Yed has always been a skeptic, never fully convinced by the cause his clan was supposed to serve.

After falling, his personality didn’t change that much, although he is now more aggressive and outspoken. He has also become a bit of a pervert, although his “impure” thoughts seem to exclusively target Alco, to the demon’s utter dismay.


Like all Silvermann children, Yed was brought pretty young into the world of demon hunting, and was taught to have no mercy on demons. However, due to his skeptical nature, he never had any faith in the cause. The doubts already present in his mind left him more vulnerable to the influence of demons and inevitably ended in him being possessed by one of his marks: Alco.

After (almost gleefully) falling under Alco’s influence, he deserted the Silvermanns and demon hunters in general and let the demon corrupt his demon-hunting dagger into becoming a demonic dagger.

He is constantly on the run, trying to avoid hunters now that he is being a host to a demon, constantly carrying Alco’s plushie form when awake and seeing him in his dreams when asleep.


Yed's full art (with Alco).




To Alco, Yed was initially a convenient, if unplanned, possession. Now, he’s a companion he can’t seem to shake off. Meanwhile, Yed isn’t particularly bothered by Alco’s possession, finding it liberating. In a somewhat twisted way, he is thankful to Alco for freeing him from his clan.

Alco visits Yed every night in his dreams, intent on corrupting his mind further. However this plan has backfired, as Yed instead developed a lustful obsession for Alco, which he expresses by teasing him when they meet in the dreamscape.



Climea is Yed’s younger sister and was also a demon hunter before they both defected. Silvermann clan members aren’t typically close to each other, despite being almost always blood-related, but Yed does hold some sort of brotherly affection and concern for her, while she admires him.

Because Yed is constantly on the run and Climea is also avoiding hunters, neither know of the other’s defection.



Victoria is actively searching for Yed to either exorcise or eliminate him, depending on his cooperation. As a demon hunter, she believes it’s her duty to eliminate those who are possessed to avoid demonic spread, even if that means killing fellow hunters. Yed avoids any and all demon hunters, especially Victoria, having heard of her extreme dedication to the cause.



Ced regularly provides Yed with information on demon hunters to better avoid them. They have similar senses of humor and enjoy ganging up on Alco, to his greatest dismay.