Gentle Monster


Name: Aelina

Age: ???

Gender: None

Pronouns: any

Species: Monster

Height: 172cm

Origin: Plains

Location : Plains

Affiliation: Independent

A gentle monster who simply enjoys life.


Aelina is strangely peaceful for a monster, seemingly bypassing monsters’ natural instinct to spread corruption. Although quite sociable, her nature as a monster and her huge claws tend to scare most people away.


There isn’t much to say about Aelina’s past, she appeared one day from a cluster of corrupted magic, as all monsters do, and took the appearance she still has today. She has been wandering the plains and the nearby forest for a long time, and spends all her time there, just enjoying the life she was gifted.


Aelina's full art.




Aelina and Krai are long-time friends, finding kinship in their respectively unusual existences. Krai loves telling Aelina stories of the ancient world as it was in his memories, and Aelina is fascinated by how different the world was before the corruption.