Whisperer of Ages, Cosmic Patriarch


Name: Kellerys

Age: ???

Gender: None

Pronouns: he / they

Species: Dragon

Height: 176cm (humanoid), bigger than the Milky Way (true form)

Origin: Space

Location : Earth

Affiliation: Independent

The unique parent of all dragons on Earth, Kellerys is often called the “dragon of origin” by the few who know of their existence.


Kellerys is patient and nurturing, although often very cryptic. He is able to soothe even the most agitated of dragons, so not much can actually get a rise out of him.

He enjoys speaking in tongues with the sole goal of confusing people, and typically only speaks clearly to his children.


Kellerys is an ancient dragon, born from the stars themselves, and likely one of the very first in existence. His exact age is unknown, but he claims to have seen the birth of life. Whether that references his children or the life of the universe is left unclear to all but himself.

He is the sole progenitor of every single dragon present on Earth, and is the only one with the ability to create more of their kind.


Kellerys' full art.



Parent & Child

Ruo’lian holds a stoic sort of affection for her father Kellerys. They don’t see each other often, but she still appreciates every visit he makes to listen to her discoveries on mortal culture. Kellerys is proud of Ruo’lian’s level-headed nature and inquisitiveness.


Parent & Child

Kellerys cares deeply for every one of his children, and Korall is no exception to the rule. As a child, Korall often went to his parent for reassurance, afraid of the world as he was. Nowadays, he has taken to hiding in the sea instead, which worries Kellerys greatly.


Parent & Child

Since Tainotté hasn’t yet reached adulthood, Kellerys is spending all his time taking care of them and raising them, and they absolutely adore him. He is very proud of their progress in learning magic and appreciates their enthusiasm. He makes sure Tainotté keeps mischievousness to a reasonable level, though.