Abyssal Sentinel


Name: Korall

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Pronouns: he / him

Species: Dragon

Height: 172cm (humanoid), xx (true form)

Origin: Earth

Location : Quallan

Affiliation: Independent

A reclusive water dragon who made the surprising decision to live near people, accidentally being made into a living god in the process.


Korall is polite, but not particularly sociable. As a child, he was terrified of the world outside his underwater cave, to his father’s greatest worry. He has now become braver and even lives in the sea that borders the large city of Quallan, but he still tends to hide away in the depths when overwhelmed.


Korall is the Cosmic Patriarch’s fifth child, making him the second-to-last. Due to being water-aligned, he was raised deep under the sea by Kellerys until he reached his first millennia, and thus, adulthood for a dragon.

He spent a long time living in the depths, rarely surfacing to visit his family, until he finally settled down in the sea that borders Quallan. He became their guardian deity of sorts against his will, regularly receiving the prayers of the people.

Korall was present during the debacle between the demon Nys and demon hunter Climea, and managed to stop them from killing each other. However, because he knew both of their identities before the fight, he felt responsible for the conflict and hid in the sea, overwhelmed with guilt.


Korall' full art.




At first, Nys panicked when he realized Korall was a true dragon and easily saw through his pretense, but was surprised to find an ally in him instead, as Korall understood he was only pretending to protect himself. Their mutual friendship and trust eventually developed into a romantic relationship.

Since the incident, however, Korall feels guilty and has distanced himself from most of his relationships, including Nys.



Korall and Climea were once like a father and daughter, but their relationship fell apart after the incident involving her and Nys, tainted by overwhelming guilt on both sides.


Parent & Child

Kellerys cares deeply for every one of his children, and Korall is no exception to the rule. As a child, Korall often went to his parent for reassurance, afraid of the world as he was. Nowadays, he has taken to hiding in the sea instead, which worries Kellerys greatly.



Korall being one of the youngest, and Ruo’lian one of the eldest, means both have barely ever met their other siblings, including each other. They know of each other from their father’s stories, but have only met a couple of times. It certainly doesn’t help that Korall has a tendency to hide deep into the ocean, while Ruo’lian lives in the mountains.



Because Tainotté hasn’t become an adult yet, they have yet to meet Korall and their other siblings, but they are very excited to grow up and officially meet them.