The Thousand Eyes, White Mountain of Liya


Name: Ruo’lian

Age: ???

Gender: None

Pronouns: she / they

Species: Dragon

Height: 150cm (humanoid), the size of a mountain (true form)

Origin: Earth

Location : Liya

Affiliation: Independent

The White Mountain of Liya, the Thousand Eyes. A stone dragon with a deep interest for mortals and their customs.


Ruo’lian is calm and level-headed, and has an insatiable curiosity towards humanity and its intricacies. She loves learning about the cultures of mortals before and after the great corruption.


Ruo’lian is Kellerys’ second child. She holds the power to mold stone as she sees fit and is by far the biggest of all dragons, excluding her galaxy-sized progenitor. Because moving around in her true form would cause violent earthquakes due to her massive size, she’s kept it immobile for many millennia, so much that people now think of it as a real mountain, the “White Mountain of Liya”.

She keeps an “army” of one-eyed wyvern bodies flying around her main body, which is often called “The Thousand Eyes” due to their numbers. She has multiple drake bodies all over the world that she uses to contact various communities of mortals to learn more about their culture.


Ruo'lian's full art.



Parent & Child

Ruo’lian holds a stoic sort of affection for her father Kellerys. They don’t see each other often, but she still appreciates every visit he makes to listen to her discoveries on mortal culture. Kellerys is proud of Ruo’lian’s level-headed nature and inquisitiveness.



Korall being one of the youngest, and Ruo’lian one of the eldest, means both have barely ever met their other siblings, including each other. They know of each other from their father’s stories, but have only met a couple of times. It certainly doesn’t help that Korall has a tendency to hide deep into the ocean, while Ruo’lian lives in the mountains.



Because Tainotté hasn’t become an adult yet, they have yet to meet Ruo’lian and their other siblings, but they are very excited to grow up and officially meet them.